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Esquare International is biggest exporter of copper and aluminium from india.We export copper cathodes, copper milberry and aluminium ingots in Italy,USA,South Korea,Turkey,Dubai,Saudi Arabia,Qatar,China,Singapore,HongKong.


Esquare International is exporter of spice .We export clove,clove stem,pepper,coconut,cinnamon

"Esquare International has been supplier for pepper,cloves,coconut,cinnamon etc from quite a long time now.Spice is a very quality sensitive business & they have always made sure that quality is maintained for every shipment. The best part about them is they always keep us updated about crop production, market price which helps us to plan our domestic sell accordingly."

Eric Wilson

Spices Importer, USA.

Esquare International is exporter of metal scrap.We export HMS,Aluminium,PVC,PET,OCC

"Esquare International is our regular and trusted supplier for HMS scrap for our steel factory and we also procure Aluminium scrap for our other division .They have been always consistent with their timely shipments because raw material is really critical in steel & aluminium production.we have also started procuring from them for our EU division"

Bulent Abaci

HMS Scrap Importer,Turkey.

Esquare International is biggest exporter of copper ore from india.We export copper ore in China,USA

"We have recently worked with Esquare International regarding our requirement for copper ore.We had an urgent requirement of copper ore in bulk quantity for our foundry.they have made sure that we receive our goods on time and that too without any compromise in quality we needed. now, we have signed the yearly contract with them to supply to our factory on monthly basis.happy to be connected with them."

Yuan Wen,

Copper Ore Importer, CHINA.

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