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Esquare International is largest supplier and exporter of FMCG Products from india.We provide provide soft drinks,energy drinks and many other FMCG products with brand genuinity and authenticity.


FMCG Products:

We are the pioneer exporter of most of the Fast-moving consumer(FMCG) Products.We have been selling soft drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices from very long time.

We offer following Energy drinks and Soft drinks:

  • Red Bull

  • Gatorade

  • Monster

  • RockStar

  • Pepsi

  • Coca-Cola

  • Lipton

  • 7 Up

  • Thumps-Up

  • Mirinda

  • and many more.

  • We work only with genuine and certified FMCG products supplier for any order.

  • We collect and understand our client's requirement.

  • We provide them Soft Corporate Offer(SCO) after contacting our authenticated suppliers.

  • After raising the Purchase Order(PO) from buyer,we start preparing their order and confirms the delivery date.

  • We also provide brand authorization certificate to our clients to build the trust in our business and provide only genuine and original products to our client.

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How we work :

Mini Testimonial:

Esquare International is largest exporter of FMCG products from india.We export variety of authenticated products in Italy,France,Portugal,dubai,USA,Canada,Australia,Germany,Italy,Russia,Malaysia,Singapore.

After we have received the first shipment from Esquare International for soft drinks,we only prefer them for our regular orders monthly.All of the products received from them till now is 100% authentic,brand certified and I highly appreciate their prompt service and genuine branded products.



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