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Esquare International export metal scrap,minerals,spices,nuts etc


Ferrous Metals

Esquare International is biggest exporter of ferrous metals like HMS Scrap,Used rails,Compressor Scrap,Motor Scrap and variety of steel products.We export steel of highest strength and toughness and long durability.We provide variety of steel like carbon steels,alloy steels,stainless steel as well.

Scrap of: Plastic/Paper/Rubber

Esquare International export OCC paper waste,Used tyres scrap,PVC scrap,PET scrap


Esquare International is biggest exporter of Various types of Minerals like copper ore,mangenese ore,lead ore,iron ore, Fluorspar Oresoap stone, calcium carbonate,zinc ash,coal,quartz.


Esquare International export clove,clove stem,pepper,coconut,cinnamon,saffron,dried fruits
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